The first Kranemann Wine Estates wines arrived!

Jul 3rd 19

Quinta do Convento

Two DOC Douro harvests, branded by Quinta do Convento, which honors the historic heritage of Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias in the Douro; and the first Tawny Ports, 10 and 20 years old, named after the family that defines the house, Kranemann! It is with great pride that we announce that Kranemann Wine Estates' first wines are now available, an announcement full of emotion, because of its meaning in what regards the materialization of the project idealized by our founder, Christoph Kranemann, but also because it’s a step forward towards the rebirth and life of this mythical estate, the Quinta do Convento, an emblematic property situated in such a particular part of the Douro, the Tavora Valley.

Our winemaker Diogo Lopes explains our first wines: Quinta do Convento Red 2016: "When we arrived in 2018, we were very excited about the red wines we found in the winery, namely the Touriga Nacional in 2016. That year had been a particularly hot one in the Douro, but the terroir of the Távora Valley always ends up guaranteeing some balance. So, we decided to take our chances on this blend with the Touriga Nacional, which staged in French oak barrels, thus obtaining a wine with a clearly Douro profile, but with elegance and natural freshness. I think our debut couldn’t have been happier, since we’ve achieved to produce a beautiful, gastronomic friendly and very elegant wine".

Quinta do Convento Red 2016

Quinta do Convento White 2018: The white one, Quinta do Convento 2018, comes from a blend of traditional varieties, such as Rabigato, Viosinho, Gouveio and Arinto. "We tried to identify the best plots and chose different vinifications, with some wines to be developed in French 500 liter barrels, others in stainless steel ones, with stage in fine lees. At the end we have a blend that integrates 30% of barrel wine, and that shows the full potential of this terroir for great whites, with a lot of character, freshness and minerality", explains Diogo Lopes.

Kranemann 10 Years

Kranemann Tawny: Finally, the first Kranemann Tawny Ports. "They represent, of course, the fantastic heritage of the aging wines we have found in our cellars. We have now sought to work on and complete the 10 and 20 year blends, honoring the profile of our terroir, in which there is a more present natural acidity, which we believe to be very enriching for Porto wines and also increasingly valued by consumers. These wines are a pleasant surprise", concludes Diogo Lopes.