New wines with the brand Ponte do Fumo and a new 30 Year Old Port Tawny

Oct 26th 23

The Ponte do Fumo crosses the Távora river, down the valley, at the end of Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias. It is an iconic Medieval bridge that distinguishes the region and the property. It is now the inspiration for a new Kranemann Wine Estates brand that brings special and limited wine editions.

This brand is now available with the first two new wines, a 100% Tinta Barroca and a 100% Rabigato. These single-grape wines result from tests that the oenology team, Diogo Lopes and Susete Melo, have been developing since the beginning of the Kranemann Wine Estates project in 2018. Hereafter, the Ponte do Fumo brand will continue to deliver new exclusive and limited editions. For now, these wines arrive together with a new Port, the Kranemann Tawny 30 Years Old – which draws even more attention to the Kranemann Wine Estates Tawny Ports range, already renowned for their 10 and 20 Years editions.

"Since the beginning of the Kranemann Wine Estates project in 2018, we have been conducting tests with the vinification of some plots. In the 2020 harvest, Tinta Barroca and Rabigato stood out again, and we sought to enhance the expression of these varieties in our terroir", says winemaker Diogo Lopes.

"The Tinta Barroca from our property stands out for its fruit and freshness. We have enhanced this profile, which is very particular to Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias, thanks to our altitude and exposure. We integrated 30% of whole bunches into the fermentation, made a lighter extraction, used second and third-year barrels and left the wine growing in the bottle for two more years. The result is a rare and light Tinta Barroca, with great elegance and subtle colour", explains the director of viticulture and oenology at Kranemann Wine Estates, Susete Melo.

About Ponte do Fumo Rabigato, oenology once again worked on "the expression of the high-altitude terroir and a plot dominated by granite soils". "Fermentation was carried out in second and third-year barrels, ensuring a discreet integration of the wood. And the batonnage gave volume to a white full of freshness, complexity and ageing potential", adds Diogo Lopes.

At the same time, Kranemann Wine Estates announces a new 30 Year Old Tawny Port. The Port wine heritage at Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias, acquired in 2018 by Christoph Kranemann, continues to be progressively revealed. "After the 10 and 20 year old Tawnys, already known, and which generated great acceptance and recognition, a 30 Year Old now appears, highlighting once again the great balance between sweetness and acidity, common to all our Ports, and the complexity that only a wine with this evolution can show", concludes Susete Melo.