Kranemann declares 2018 Vintage

May 12th 20

Kranemann Wine Estates is delighted to declare Kranemann 2018 vintage. Our debut 2018 harvest was of outstanding quality and the tasting panel from the Douro and Port Wine Institute (IVDP) approved it for Classic Vintage status. Kranemann Vintage 2018, a new reference for Port wines, will be released in November. “Declaring 2018 Vintage is a particularly special moment for Kranemann Wine Estates. Not only as it represents all our hard work in the first harvest and is a recognition of the wine’s quality as a Classic Vintage, but it is also an acknowledgement of Christoph Kranemann’s passion and dedication to Douro and Port wines. Vintage is always a major milestone, but this will go down in the Estate’s history for everything that it represents”, states the winemaker Diogo Lopes. Kranemann Vintage 2018 is the culmination of what was a very special year; it was characterised by a dry winter, a rainy spring and a hot summer. Despite the difficulties faced by winegrowers, resulting in a smaller yield, the lengthy final maturation lent the grapes extraordinary quality. “Luck would have it that nature was on our side for our first harvest. A series of events gave us exceptionally high quality and particularly concentrated grapes”, continues Diogo Lopes.

Susete Melo, resident winemaker at Kranemann Wine Estate adds, “The Vintage 2018 comes from a plot of land at the bottom of the Vale do Távora by the river where the schist and higher temperature meant we had very ripe fruit, full of character and with firm tannins. Their colour and the aroma released in the wineries was incredibly memorable. The wine was highly concentrated and structured with the characteristic acidity of the Vale do Távora, giving the wine a freshness, depth and of course a huge potential for ageing”. The new Kranemann Vintage 2018 is part of the distinctive strategy envisaged for the Kranemann Wine Estate’s project, which sees Port wines representing around 50% of the total production. “Moving forward we intend to honour the traditional Port production we inherited at Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águia. We have a clear idea of our size and the high quality, experience and maturity already on the market, but that is exactly what motivates us to overcome this challenge and produce distinctive and fresh wines with depth. This is only possible due to the fantastic terroir of the Vale do Távora where we are located. Through these wines and, in fact, the whole Kranemann Wine Estates’ project, we aim to value this very distinctive and unique part of the Douro: the Vale do Távora .We firmly believe in this potential”, states Diogo Lopes.

Kranemann Vintage 2018 will go on sale in November. The Kranemann branding highlights the Estate’s most import symbol, the Griffin, which is a legendary creature from the Middle Age, representing the union between land (lion) and the divine (eagle). It is associated with strength, knowledge and the guarding of treasures.