Kranemann Wine Estates opens Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias for wine tourism

Mar 13th 23

Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias, the mythical Douro property which dates back to the 12th century, in Távora, in the district of Tabuaço, is officially open for wine tourism. The new visit programme includes six experiences with different tasting menus, including a masterclass option with winemaker Susete Melo.

The iconic Douro property, Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias, was purchased in 2018 by Christoph Kranemann. A German Canadian surgeon who discovered Portugal, its wines, and later this property in the Távora valley following his marriage to his Portuguese wife, Dina. "Is there a more perfect place than this? The vineyards, the river, all this fantastic scenery. The architecture... I have German roots and have always been interested in architecture and history. So, this 12th-century monastery, with its cloisters and all this history, is perfect. It brings together the things I like best. It is a magical place!" says Christoph Kranemann, remembering why he chose it.

The wine project took off immediately in 2018, with winemaking in the hands of Maria Susete Melo and Diogo Lopes. They brought distinctive Port and DOC Douro wines to the market, and an olive oil, all characteristic of the high-altitude terroir where the property stands. Wine production has been a feature here since the 12th century, when the Cistercian monks settled in the area, introducing the agricultural practice and establishing the monastery that exists today. And this same monastery, known for its cloisters and old chapel, with a view overlooking the valley, hosts the wine tourism experiences now available. Bookings and requests for further information can be made by email to or by calling (+351) 254 782 070.