Rabigato - the grape of Ponte do Fumo

Apr 2nd 24

Rabigato is a grape variety indigenous to the Douro. Its name comes from the contraction of three words, Rabo de Gato, which refer to its long bunches. Wines made exclusively from this grape variety generally have an open citrus colour. The aromas are of medium intensity, revealing citrus and mineral notes, sometimes leading to sweeter aromas - for example, orange blossom. On the palate, it can have notes of citrus fruit, such as lemon and grapefruit, and a mineral touch that gives it elegance. They can also have more vegetal notes depending on the ripeness of the grapes at the time of harvest. High in acidity, they generally have a great capacity for aging, retaining their aromatic complexity for two or three years, which characterizes them so much. This unique grape variety is the star of our Ponte do Fumo Rabigato wine - the perfect partner for your table this Easter. From classic to more innovative pairings, this wine is versatile and goes wonderfully with various dishes. For a traditional Easter lunch, try pairing Ponte do Fumo Rabigato with grilled or roasted fish dishes, such as cod or the octopus eaten in some parts of our country (Coimbra, Figueira da Foz and even in some parts of the Alentejo, the end of the meat fast is celebrated with the Burial of Cod). Its freshness and minerality will enhance the seafood flavours, making every bite a real celebration. If you prefer a lighter option, serve it as an appetizer accompanied by fresh cheeses, green salads, and oysters or seafood, thus highlighting its complexity and softness. Be prepared to surprise your guests this Easter with our Ponte do Fumo Rabigato. Let every sip be a memorable experience, full of flavour and tradition.