Presenting the new member of the team - Ana Caio

Feb 23rd 24

We are introducing Ana Caio, the newest Sales and Marketing team member at Kranemann Wine Estates.  Ana joins us at 40, having immersed herself in the world of wine for quite some time. A deep enthusiasm has marked her journey in the wine industry, and her dedication to the finer nuances of wine appreciation is unmistakable. Ana has a degree in modern languages and literature - Portuguese/English- and a post-graduate degree in wine marketing. She arrived at Kranemann Wine Estates with great experience, having worked for some of the most renowned wine houses.  Outside of work, she loves eloquently and gracefully pouring her thoughts and experiences onto paper. Her love for the beach draws her to the shoreline whenever she can steal a moment away. And, of course, Ana cherishes the company of her friends, revelling in shared laughter and meaningful and absurd conversations. But what defines Ana most profoundly is her unwavering love for music; the rhythm underscores her every step, and the melody colours her world. As Ana steps into her role here at Kranemann Wine Estates, she brings a deep understanding of the intricacies of wine and a fresh perspective fueled by her diverse passions. She is determined to infuse our team with her energy and knowledge, hoping to enhance our sales and marketing efforts and bring new dimensions to our brand. In Ana, we find a kindred spirit who shares our love for wine and brings her unique blend of creativity and zest for life. Let us welcome Ana with open arms, and together, let us raise a toast to the exciting journey ahead.