The Silent Ballet of the Vineyard: Pruning and Resting Time

Feb 26th 24

The beginning of the year has arrived, temperatures have dropped, and Winter has set in on our estate. The vines rest and allow themselves to be slumber. These slow months are the ideal time to perform the delicate dance of pruning. In this silent ballet, the pruners, holding their scissors, shape the future of the bunches that will soon sprout in the Spring. Pruning consists of cutting the branches to discipline and stimulate the growth of the buds responsible for future production. It's a mechanical act and a silent dialogue between man and nature. Removing the excesses allows the plant's energy to focus on producing tastier and healthier fruit. It is an action that requires intimate knowledge of the vineyard, and it is an act of love and vision that is perpetuated from generation to generation. Carlos Alberto, our estate's groundskeeper, has dedicated himself to this operation since he was 12 years old. You'll find him in our Bastardo vineyards, planted last year with the team forming the vineyard. With over a decade's experience, his passion and commitment are evident in every vine he touches, and his skill is truly a treasure for the continued success of our winemaking. Let's dance in silence as the Spring concert will soon come.