Vintage 2023. The Bastardo who anticipates everything

Aug 24th 23

The harvest has begun! Almost two weeks earlier than last year, it started in the middle of August, on the 18th. The warm year and the anticipation of the vineyard's ripening is the reason for this scenario, which can be seen all over the Douro and, in fact, throughout the country.

At Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias, this was also due to the first harvest of a new Bastardo plot. Bastardo is the Portuguese name for the grape Trousseau, a variety whose ripening and harvest are always earlier. These grapes were the first to enter the winery. They come from a small and unique plot right next to the convent.

Typically, Bastardo is associated with fortified wines. It is widespread in the Douro, especially in the old vineyards, and it has always been appreciated for its sweeter profile, in contrast with its low acidity. That is why it is very used in Port Wine.

In this plot of Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias, one of the highest on the entire property, Bastardo will be processed for DOC Douro wine, seeking precisely to enhance the freshness that stems from this terroir, generating a unique wine, balanced and with a rare acidity.

This Bastardo plot was planted in 2020. It is unique not only for being immediately above the mythical Convento de São Pedro das Águias, emerging as one of the most beautiful balconies for the valley, but also for the viticulture being developed there. The vineyard is treated in a biological approach and was planted in ancient spacing, implying 100% human work.

This is a pure example of the heroic viticulture of the Douro that will make this wine even more special.


Susete Melo

(Head of Viticulture & Oenology)